Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tech-Saavy Cowboy


Two years ago, my husband Rex had a job in Elko, NV working on refurbishing a small horse place. He had been gone over a month and I was back in Oklahoma holding the fort down. I was riding 5-6 horses a day, feeding what was up in the corrals, etc. at Dan and Linda Russell's place - about 25 miles from our house.

One particularly hot day, after riding all my horses, mowing the lawn, and getting all the chores done, I made the hot drive home around 8:30 pm in my Bronco with no air conditioning, sweat pouring  down my back. I could not wait to take a shower and get into bed! When I passed through the kitchen, I stopped for a glass of water. I lifted the tap. shhhhhh No water. I picked up the phone and called our water meter guy, as he's our next door neighbor. "Well, I shut if off today! You were late on the bill and I figured you were out of town", he said. Now - I must digress here - Rex likes to have control of the checking account and the bills so what I thought to myself now was, "That son of a bitch!" The water guy explained that he could not turn our water on until the next day - so I  got back into my Bronco and drove the 25 miles back to the Russell Ranch.

I was a cussin' and poundin' the steering wheel the whole drive over. I couldn't wait to get hold of Rex on the phone and tell him what I thought of his out-of-state job, and that I had it with him being on the road and that we were going to be done with him living the bachelor life in Nevada!

When I arrived at the Russell's at around 10:00 pm, I went to the guest house and immediately jumped in the shower. COLD water. Now it can be 110 degrees and I still have to have a scalding hot shower. I jumped back out, dripping wet, and went to the hot water heater. No flame, no heat. I can't even write what I was thinking now; how I was going to rip Rex a new one (because, after all, it was ALL HIS FAULT!

I got back in and furiously scrubbed. I got back into the Bronco, grabbed my cell phone, and after some thought, decided to text rather than call because I was too mad. Here is how it went down:

ME: Worked all day in heat. Came home 2 no H20. Drove to Dan's. No hot H20. Had 2 take cold shower.

REX: Send pix of tits

Oooooooh! How do you stay mad at that?

And now you know why I've posted no pics! :)

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