Monday, December 19, 2011

I Found My Heart In ...TEXAS!

I never could understand why anyone could or ever would leave their heart in San Francisco - but I do know one thing - I FOUND my heart in TEXAS!

It all started when I was a freshman in college. I purchased a book called "Texas" by James A. Michener. I fell in love with the rich history, the large ranches, the boldness of its people. Now, don't get me wrong; I am a very proud Native Montanan but I have always been enamored by our nation's largest state!

So, when I married Rex and he was traveling the country to rodeos; I looked forward to the opportunity to travel with him; to see what I'd been dreaming of. Unfortunately, my first excursion into Texas was by plane, into El Paso. I met up with Rex and Jason McLain and we only had time to walk over the border into Juarez to eat lunch and then had to skedaddle to Bakersfield, California for a PBR event. I just got a small taste. Then, five years later, I got to fly into the Dallas/Fort Worth area and toured the old stockyards, shopped downtown Fort Worth, and felt like I'd seen something.

It wasn't until my trip home from the NFR via Arizona, New Mexico and Texas with Donnalyn Quintana last week that I found what I was missing about the Hill Country of Texas! I am in LOVE with the little towns of Llano, Lampasas, Fredricksburg, and Burnett. Not only with the towns, but with the people! They are kind, hospitable, and classy. There is all kinds of unique shopping, horse training facilities, ranches, etc., etc., etc.

Buckaroo Blankets is the perfect old-fashioned fabric store with all kinds of unique, western prints and fabric blends. They are online at:

Thank you to Vicki Christensen for allowing us to stay with her. She is the owner of Tres Rios Silver and One Trick Pony in Llano, Texas. What a store! If you ever have the opportunity, stop in! Or, find them on Facebook: One Trick Pony

Vicki Christensen in her trick riding days!

Artwork at One Trick Pony

Vicki and her daughter-in-law, Keylie Tatum

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