Friday, December 23, 2011

Headlights In The Dark

For all those girls out there that tell themselves rodeo life will be one of romance on the "rodeo trail"; I am here to warn you! Not all rodeo guys want to take their sweethearts, let alone the kids, on the road!

I did, on occasion, get to travel with Rex - but most of the time, I stayed at home and fed the cows and tended the kids and had a job in the nearest town. This poem was written long ago - when Rex was still going hard. Brings back a lot of memories - and darn sure is a Rodeo Re-Ride Story!


Every day I'd thought of him,
My cowboy on the road;
Nine weeks had passed since he'd hit the trail,
And I'd been prayin' he wouldn't be throwed.

The telephone line was our connection,
Between our souls and hearts;
And every time we said "good-bye",
It tore mine all apart.

He'd call from some town I'd never seen,
To tell me how he'd done;
I'd ask him how his health was holdin',
Then he'd tell me what he'd won.

Each rodeo brought a different story,
From a world so far away;
We'd talk of people and places,
And what he'd done that day.

I'd tell him what the kids were doing,
Of business, my work and such;
Sometimes they would get to talk to him,
And tell him they missed him much.

One day he'd called from Austin,
His plans set for another week;
I was feeling pretty lonely,
And a tear ran down my cheek!

He didn't call again for two days,
And this made me quite upset;
The kids and I got home one night,
What happened next I'll not forget!

It was dark and I had just finished chores,
And was picking up outside;
When out of the distance I heard a sound,
That put goosebumps on my hide!

It sounded like our old white truck,
And I strained to see through the black;
When headlights turned into our driveway,
I knew my best friend was truly back!

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