Monday, November 28, 2011

Vegas Lights

We FINALLY arrived in Vegas after taking ALL DAY to drive from Albuquerque, NM!! That wouldn't passed grade back in the day when we were going down the road!

I remember one time when Rex and I and our 9 month old daughter had been traveling for three days during the start of "Cowboy Christmas", or 4th of July weekend. I hadn't even washed my face and the bronco seat had been my bed for two nights. We stopped at a gas station in Bear Lake, CA. I packed up my daughter, her diaper bag, and a change of clothes for us both. When I entered the station, the first thing the attendant said to me was "You can't change or wash your baby in the bathroom"; to which I looked him square in the eye and stated, "I don't intend to." Then I marched right back to the Women's Restroom, locked the door, and ran a nice, warm bath in the sink for my baby girl! I walked out of there with a clean baby, face, my teeth brushed and clean clothes on!! Jack-butt!

Donnalyn and I stopped at the Arizona line for some pictures. We had several phone conferences, emailed people, scheduled meetings, and texted all the way across the frickin state!

When we hit the bright lights of Vegas, even though it was probably the 100th time for Donnalyn and close to that for me - we were surprised at how vast this town really is.

We got ourselves checked in and moved in. We ran around like a couple of school girls! Our room is really more like an apartment! We oood and awed at everything! What a couple of hicks! It will be our home for the next two weeks!

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