Sunday, November 27, 2011

Las Vegas Here We Come!

Hello! This old ranch girl is FINALLY entering the world of blogging! It'll take me awhile to learn the ropes. I hope to make new friends and share some great rodeo stories full of humor and sometimes, great lessons.

Donnalyn Quintana, founder of Western Wishes, is on this latest adventure with me. I truly believe that Donnalyn is my soul sister. Our driving conversation includes great rodeo stories and we laugh til our cheeks ache!

Our rodeo road experiences have made us pack-saavy!

We have also learned, over the years, to stop and look at things. My husband, when he was riding bulls professionally, drove us (with our 3 yr old and 7 yr old) right by Disneyland not one, not two, but FIVE times and we never stopped!

Here we are crossing the New Mexico line!

We are also looking forward to meeting all of the Wish Families, traveling to Vegas to have a much deserved break from the trials and challenges of illness.

More to come......

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