Friday, March 16, 2012

Re-Ride Home Decor

Hello Everyone! I would like to start a new tradition at Rodeo Re-Ride Stories: Re-Ride Home Decor. For those of us who love and live the western and rodeo way of life, we have memories and memorabilia that really needs to be displayed. My circle of rodeo friends have great ideas and are so creative! Just had to share this idea for a window valance from Michelle West, Southeastern Circuit Barrel Racing Champion and wife of World Bull Riding Champion Terry Don West.

Michelle and I have been talking about getting all the buckles, saddles, pictures, back numbers, etc for our guys and displaying them somewhere specific in our homes - rather than having these items scattered here, there and everywhere. It means a lot to see and remember accomplishments. I went over to the West home the other day to help Michelle move furniture around, in preparation for a trophy room. Terry Don was there - and we all wrestled with a very large armoire, dragging it out to make room for saddle stands. I knew then that Michelle had a vision for the room. When I left her, she was picking out drapes, and moving pictures, etc. into the room.

When I went back yesterday to see it, I just LOVED what she did with Terry Don's Resistol chaps. Resistol sponsored Terry Don in 2002, and Terry is pictured many a time in them. She said it happened quite by accident, but they look like they were made for the window!

She added a classic leather couch, pictures, saddles, and voila! A trophy room that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Michelle is still working on the room - to make it just the way she wants it. Believe me, it will look awesome when she is finished! She has the best eye for decor, the Re-Ride way!

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