Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rodeo Re-Ride Guest Mindy Hogan

Mindy Hogan is the daughter of Stock Contractor Jay Hogan - and now is in the business herself, hauling bucking stock and working hard. She also owns "Lil' Red Roan", a store you simply MUST check out for all of the especially western must-haves!

SO THERE WE WERE ;) ........Mud Lake Saturday Night Rodeo. Performance is going great! Packed crowd, horses bucking, flanking well, great committee, great crew....& It's Saturday!!!!! Yay!!! The last section of stock saddle bronc riding is rapidly approaching & I have 2 turn outs. Chad Rainsdon & Layne Crafton do me a HUGE favor & get on another horse to fill my perf. Awesome, save Chad & Layne until the last to make sure they have enough time to be ready. Rolling right along, 2 horses left before we put a wrap on the 2009 Mud Lake Rodeo bucking horses! Standing on the back of the chute.....packed with people...I'm standing by Chad...I think....Lincoln Zollinger was somewhere close. JP McGarry is maybe the closest one to me on the next chute down...I think. Out of nowhere this dirty rotten &!$@# rares up & smashes us!!!!! I'm not sure if she came over backwards or swooped from the side but suddenly my head smacks upside the chute cross bar...Thank goodness for cowboy hats! Whacked my head on the cute & then something else...not really sure...knocked my hat off...hit something else. Must have knocked me out for a second.....(they said I went limp) I didn't hit the ground but didn't have ahold of anything so someone must have caught me....not really sure (sources have told me that it was JP McGarry~ Thanks JP :)....cuz I did have to climb back on the chutes to flank. That's right, got back up & flanked my last 2 horses! I garun -dang- tee you I didn't miss the flanks either! I was good & mad & her & I got every inch of that latigo! Counterfeit little brugger bucked better than she had in the last 4 trips, counterfeit! Rock Star was my last horse out & he had a better trip than I expected from him too!

WOW, finished! JP was taking notes for me & asked what I wanted on that horse....ya, I couldn't tell him what the last horses trip was...dang it! K, so this flustered me a little...I didn't know what trip the last horse just had...uggg! 5 billion people are asking my if I'm ok (real sweet..but just sayin...doesn't help if you are already a little shakin up) Go to gathering up horse flanks ect. My little bro. J2 is back there trying to help my. He is asking questions about the flanks & how many we have & I can't answer him...I understand the question...know the answer but just can't make the dots connect without a struggle. Ugg, J2 was awesome & helped gather up the flanks. ( Today, I'm still not sure if everything is right;) I pack a set of flanks to the trailer & am headed back to get the rest. I meet up with Richard & Bret (my pickup men) on the way back. Richard starts asking me if I'm ok....questions & apparently I failed because off to the ambulance I went. Not to worry, I'm ok, I'm ok. They get me to the ambulance...questions, questions, questions....just for the record the questions are prejudice....I didn't know the date before the perf when I was trying to write checks...I don't know what makes you think hitting my head is going to help! ;) They take my hat off (tons of people gathered around) sweaty, dirty rodeo hair...awesome. They decide that I need to be put in the meat wagon...ya, they put me on the stretcher & LIFT me into the ambulance...bet they wished I hadn't eaten so many Twinkies :) The test began....flash lights in the eyes, more questions...& of course my best friend, the blood pressure test! (insert dunt-dunt-da horror music here)...Shocking my pressure is high, really, really high. ( I try to explain that as long as my rodeo is going on outside & I'm inside...probably not gonna go down) Aww, deep breaths...you can do this. My buddy, Bry hops in the ambulance to keep me company. FYI: EMT's DO NOT think you're funny. Bry & I thought we were hilarious :) Ok, ok focus...you can do this...deep breaths, happy place, you've got to calm down so they will let you go.....aww, ya! It lowers & the very nice people let me go. It was a pleasure to meet them & they were very good at their job but I'm glad my visit was a relatively short one :)

The rest the night went well. Rodeo perf ran smoothly. The bulls won......11/0....no bull rides for the weekend. We went thru the motions of a regular rodeo weekend: loading stock to go home, gather up all our equipment, feed & water the animals staying the night and last but certainly not least, pay everyone for there services. This is the portion of the night that got a little trying. I was pretty sure I was fine...but fine & can walk, talk, write, spell, add & write checks are completely different things. :) If anyone had the pleasure of talking to me that night...I thought I was fine but struggled to get the exact words where I wanted them. Writing thank you notes & checks to my crew....pretty sure that I was putting letters in words that didn't necessarily belong & let's hope the good Lord above that I wrote the checks correctly :). Right before I left I stopped at the Rodeo CLub food booth & ....thought I was doing really well......they asked numerous times if I need someone to drive me home...I thought my conversation made perfect sense but from the looks they were giving me....I finally know how Jake Hayworth feels when he gets knocked out :) 

I did make it home safe & sound Saturday night. Sunday morning at 9 am on the dot I was back to the rodeo grounds to gather timed event stock & load the truck to head back to Homedale. Shocking but I had a bit of a headache :) after the truck was loaded out I headed back to Wade & Nancy's where the couch & I spent some quality bonding time :) Thank you for all the calls & concern checking up on me. JP & Chad both called to check in. Chad's conversation was quite enlightening. He had asked me earlier if I had broke my glasses. I told him no, they were fine. He thought that was what was digging in his back. I replied well, atleast I was a good cushion for ya :) He had bruises down his shoulder & even turned his butt black & blue....so I don't think the horse hit me at all. From what I can put together, She hit Chad & (some others who got clear) it was a domino effect. I slammed into the metal chute & she just malled us for a second or so. (they are lucky I didn't dent the chute ...as hard headed as I am :) Chad made a great ride buy when he got off his horse they thought it broke his leg. Thank the good Lord above, Sunday it appeared to be only a really really bad sprain. 

Thanks again to all my friends & family who helped out or checked in. I appreciate all your love & support. I'm doing fine now & I can guarantee you ...she will be tied in next time :)

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